Derwent Academy Sketching 6 Tin

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Derwent Academy Sketching 6 Tin

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Love to draw & not quite sure what to try first? Derwent Academy is here to help! We’ve put together a great range of affordable products to get you started; from classic colour & sketching pencils, to watercolour pencils & pan sets, and bold oil pastels & Sketch Pads. We even have a dedicated Derwent Academy website full of on-line Art Classes, projects to download & advice from the professionals! So go on reclaim your pencils & start drawing!

Derwent Academy Sketching Pencils have a slim 6.9mm hexagonal graphite grey barrel with a long black gloss end dip.

The size of the pencil core varies depending on its hardness; It is 2.2mm for the harder degrees (2B – 5H) and 2.8mm for the softer degrees (3B – 6B).

Made with natural wood barrels and quality graphite they are easy to sharpen and break resistant.

The hexagonal barrel makes the pencil easy to hold and control particularly for detailed drawings
For ease of identification the degree is printed on the end of the barrel.


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